ISSSI Horizons Applications, advanced nanotechnology

ISSSI Horizons Applications, advanced nanotechnology: sustainable protection of office buildings, restaurants and hotels, automobiles and rehabilitation of Historical Heritage (artistic, iron, steel, metallurgy and both public and private institutions).

Umbrella SunHeat

Reduces the temperature inside buildings so that there is a saving close to 60% in the energy bill.

Umbrella Waterfall

Reduces cleaning costs and guarantees the maintenance of glass surfaces.
Catedral de Sevilla

Umbrella Graffstop

Protects porous surfaces againsts paintings such as graffiti.

Umbrella Wall & Heritage

Protects surfaces from accumulation of moisture and salinity.
La Caixa

Umbrella All-Protection

Avoids the accumulation and/or absorption of water and other organic liquids on the surfaces treated with this product.
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