ISSSI Horizons, as a manufacturer and service provider that satisfies our clients and adapts to their actual and future needs, bets on quality and respect of the environment.

ISSSI Horizons knows and understands the environment of the market in which it stands, and applies from material to technical resources in the management of all its activities in order to increment its competitive advantages and provide value added to its service.

The products of ISSSI Horizons, cmeet all international and European (CE) legal regulations.

The principles of Quality and Environment are criteria of reference in the activities that we develop, being a starting point in the progressive adaptation to excellence.

In ISSSI Horizons, employees are our main asset. Communication, formation, motivation and dialogue will be the base of our success. Therefore, we facilitate and encourage the participation of our main internal client, our professionals, reinforcing the commitment to know and satisfy their needs and motivations, obtaining the development of their objectives.

These objectives are fundamental:

  • Product adaptation to market needs.
  • Service compromise.
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management and Environment System

ISSSI Horizons,  increases its competitiveness optimizing the strategic and operative management, adapting and promoting the most adequate tools, planning, measuring and monitoring; to achieve efficacy. Nevertheless, all of this will be done with the compromise of meeting legal applicable requirements and other requests subscribed by the organisation, related with the environmental aspects that might affect our endeavour.

The Direction of ISSSI Horizons, guarantees that such policy will be understood, applied and revised to ensure its foregoing adaptation. Equipment, atmosphere, necessary formation and other means will be used to diffuse these principles among the personnel.

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