Who are we?


ISSSI Horizons is one of the first companies to apply advanced nanotechnology products.

ISSSI markets a range of advanced nanotechnology products that will provide an optimal solution to the needs of our customers. We have adaptable solutions that allow an increase in the added value of the products and/or rooms treated with our products, due to the new qualities they acquire through the use of nanotechnology.

Based in Barcelona, the company has a nationally extensive commercial and technical network. From the headquarters, ISSSI Applications manages all the activities both at a national and international level, standing out for the quality of its service, which is placing the company as a reference among the sector.

Mainly, ISSSI works with the industries of office buildings, hotels and restaurants, automotive markets, construction, rehabilitation of Historical-Artistic Heritage, iron and steel, metallurgy and, finally, with both public and private institutions.

ISSSI will put at your disposal a team of experts that will advise you and offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

In ISSSI we are specialists in solutions regarding thermal control, self-cleaning of glazed facades, hydropholic and oleofugant solutions (waterproof and oil-repellent), coatings for metals and anti-grafitis.

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